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Coffee Table Puzzles

Beautiful, eye-catching, large-scale, quality puzzles, handcrafted in our own workshop in Mid-Wales.

WoodChuck Puzzles

The original family of wooden Pentangle Puzzles.

Puzzles of Distinction

Distinctive and substantial, these hand-crafted wooden puzzles are eye-catching ornaments as well as being intriguing to solve.

Wooden Puzzlers

Quirky wooden puzzles; challenging yet reasonably priced. All made by ourselves.

Cube Puzzlers

A range of intriguing and challenging cubes with attractively shaped or coloured pieces.

Mini Puzzlers

Large problems in little boxes!

Wooden Pocket Puzzlers

An accessible range of fascinating, pocket-sized puzzles; small enough to carry around, yet challenging enough to keep you busy.

Tray Puzzles

Blocks are placed or move around to achieve success.

Pyramid Puzzles

Pyramids that are easy to visualise, but not so easy to solve!

Compact Puzzles

Creative challenges kept safe in a CD case. Collect the whole set!

Other Puzzles

A miscellaneous group of intriguing puzzles - worth a look.