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Wooden Goban - Chinese Cherrywood

Wooden Goban - Chinese Cherrywood

Ref: G-B25C

An excellent Goban for the player looking for quality with a limited budget. This beechwood finish Go table board has the full 19 x 19 grid, and has detachable legs. It measures the traditional 45.5 x 42.5cm, is 6cm thick and weighs about 6150 grams. The size and style gives a sense of occasion for the serious game and a link with the big-time games.
WARNING: All solid wood boards can be affected by repeated and wide ranging 'domestic' changes in humidity or temperature. Even in less extreme conditions minor distortion is still a possibility but should not be enough to spoil your enjoyment. Avoid storing in damp conditions or prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Price: 190.00 (158.33 ex VAT )