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Go (Baduk, Weichi)

Go (known as Igo in Japan, Weiqi in China, and Baduk in Korea. A popular mind game for two players, with the aim of capturing territory, rather than pieces, by placing Go stones strategically on the board.

Shogi / Japanese Chess

Shogi or Japanese Chess play can be as deep or as shallow as you want it to be! Captured pieces are never out of the game but can be re-placed anywhere on the board. Games of Shogi rarely end in a draw.

Xiang Qi / Chinese Chess

Xiang Qi or Chinese Chess is known as the kung fu of board games! Fast-moving with broad-ranging tactical fights.

Mah Jong

A gambling game rather like the card game Rummy. It has become as much renowned for the quality & design of its pieces as for the game itself, with various elements made out of bamboo and bone, engraved and colourful.

Chess / Western Chess

An extremely popular battle game between two armies moving to capture the enemy King. Distinctive pieces have different moves making Chess a wide-ranging, intriguing game.

Draughts / Checkers

A popular all-age family game with opposing pieces moving and leapfrogging across the board to capture and finally defeat their opponent. A simple target to aim for, but many subtle strategies to learn along the way.